Argila smoothing treatment

Argila smoothing treatment

Sick of having frizzy, dull unmanageable hair? Well join us on a journey to the Amazon and discover a new life for your hair with our Argila Smoothing Treatment. Come see us, and get this revolutionary smoothing service and be prepared to fall in love with your hair, all over again.

Natural Generation of Hair Smoothing Treatments

Argila is the new natural generation of smoothing treatments that provides long-lasting results. A revolutionary smoothing system using all-natural ingredients, such as white clay, Murumuru oils, calcium, potassium and Zinc; Argila Amazonia leaves your hair smooth and silky soft. Oil extracts from the exotic Murumuru seed help nourish and maintain healthy hair for 3 to 4 months.

All products are paraben free and salt free. They have never been tested on animals and contain no animal-derived or genetically modified ingredients. Argila is 100% formaldehyde free.

White Argila Clay and Murumuru Oil

Argila Amazona is a three hour service that restores and rejuvenates your hair, removing toxins and impurities while applying White Clay and Murumuru oils. This treatment helps to create a defence against chemical and environmental damage. Argila recovers moisture which puts the brightness and softness back into your hair and helps to tame the frizz.


Protects and Smooths

Argila Smoothing Prolonging Shampoo and Mask are infused with white clay and Murumuru oils which assist in creating long-lasting, beautiful, silky-smooth, manageable hair, without the use of any harsh or damaging chemicals. The Prolonging Mask acts progressively to keep the hair smooth for longer providing hair reconstruction form the inside out.

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