Fringes for your face shape

Fringes for your face shape

Fringes are a great way to create shape to your face shape, and now that you can identify your face shape; let’s have a look at what type of fringe would be best suited to you.

Face Shape Fringes

Oval: With the most versatile face shape, oval faces have the perfect balance and can pull off any type of fringes.

Round: Rounder shaped faces should go for thick, side swept fringes that are cut on a strong angle. Wispy and tapered fringes are also ideal. Straight fringes are not as flattering for this face shape.

Square: Go for a long heavy fringe that sits at mid eyebrow length. This can be styled as bangs that are straight across, pushed to the side or parted down the middle. This helps to soften the jawline of a square shaped face. Short bangs will pull the face downwards.

Heart: This face shape suits layered side bangs that are cut on the angle from the top of the eyebrow to the top of the cheekbones. Layers are very flattering on this face shape. Unfortunately, blunt fringes with solid baselines do not compliment this face shape.

Diamond: Fringes are great for a diamond shaped face. Side swept fringes are very flattering as well. The layers of the fringe should start at mid eyebrow, the short length takes the attention away from sharp features. The idea is to open up the face by adding a fringe.

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