Identify your face shape

What Face Shape are you?

How to Identify your Face Shape – Know your correct face shape by identifying the widest part of your face, the shape of your chin and the length of your face by putting these simple steps together.

Jaw Lines and Chin Shapes

Your jaw line will help you identify your face shape. For example, a heart or diamond shape tends to taper in creating more of a pointy chin, whereas a round jaw points towards a rounded face shape.

The tip here is, if you have a round jaw and the width of your face is similar to your length then you have a round face, but if the length is longer than width then this is considered an oval face shape. A Square jawline is will usually point towards a square or possibly a heart shape face if you have a longer face or pointy chin.

Length of face:

Short face shapes could either be round, heart or square face shapes. This all depends on your jaw and face width.

For example,

Short face + round jaw = Round

Short face + pointy chin = Heart

Short face + strong jaw = Square

Long face shapes could either be oval, heart or diamond – if you have a long face and wide set cheek bones.

Widest part of the face:

If your cheekbones are the widest point of your face; you’re are looking at a diamond or round shape, depending on other factors such as the length of your face. A long face with wide cheek bones is a diamond shape, whereas shorter faces would be round. If your jawline is the widest part of your face you have a square face shape. Keeping in mind that if you have a strong jaw, but a long face (pointy chin) you could have a heart shaped face.

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