Blonde, Ombre and Balayage

You have come to the right place for colour advice

Glamour Hair Boutique on the North Shore is experienced in all things colour related and we offer the latest trends and techniques, like free-hand colour, foilyage, colour melt, Ombre, balayage and root shadowing.

All these techniques are amazing in their own right and can suit almost everyone, but what we love the most is that flawless blend of tone or contrast.

Because the root colour typically stays darker, and to maintain the lighter ends you only need a Glossing global colour service or toner every 6 weeks. This means that your hair is healthier and shinier than ever.

Balayage and Ombre

Balayage is very similar to an Ombre but has more of a “sweeping” effect as opposed to a stark contrast. The Balayage effect is applied away from the roots and swept along the hair becoming heavier as it moves down to the ends.

Ombre is typically a 2 toned colour. Usually darker at the top and lighter at the bottom creating a “shadowy effect”. Although it doesn’t always have to be dark and blonde.  Ombre has been known to be versatile with any colour combination. Even Rose brown into Smokey pink.

Root Shadow and Colour Melting

Root shadow trend embraces those dark or light natural roots and makes them a part of ‘the look’. With a root shadow, you can either allow your natural colour to shine through from the very start of your colour process or you can colour the root area of 4-5 centimetres darker or go for a variation of this seasons pastel trend. Why not try a vibrant colour to create a striking contrast?

Colour Melting is usually 3 or more colour shades blended or “melted” into each other, after a foil or lightening service as a toner or glossing service.

Free-Hand Colour and Foiling

Free-hand colouring is a modern skilled technique of precision hand painting that gives freedom to place colour and create hair contouring with light and dark shadows, as the hair naturally falls we select hair colour placement that enhances your colour and transforms your look.

Foils are used to allow alteration of tone close to one another and close to the scalp. heat can be applied, which helps with processing time and better lifting power of colour.


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