Remove, Retape, Refit

Remove, Retape, Refit

Double-sided Tape Extensions’ major advantage, is that they are quick to apply and easy to maintain. Tape extensions need to be removed and accurately replaced.

Following, is what you need to know about how we take them out, the care we put into our extension clean-up and the refitting process, so the life of your extension is maximised.


To remove the tapes, we apply a few drops of bond remover between the two-extension strands, which gently releases your hair from the adhesive backing, thus releasing the extension from your hair. This process leaves your hair in the exact condition it was before the extensions were applied. There is a natural fall of the hair which has been enveloped in the tape. The hair which has not been able to naturally fall, will be carefully removed with residue remover.


Now it’s time to remove the old adhesive with residue remover and an extension tape remover tool to extract old tapes and replace with new adhesive, if the extensions are not clean or have product residue we will wash, blow-dry then attach new adhesive to the extension during this time.



It’s imperative to arrange the extensions in the same order, which they were originally applied. Why? Because the first application of rows determine the original length and the internal application patterns are to create layers and shape within the haircut and perfect colour-blending.

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