Blonde Hair Colour explained

Blonde Hair Colour


Revitalise your beautiful blonde!

Brighten up your blonde foils with a luscious toner or maybe you want more of those stunning baby-lights to break up the darkness of winter, or dreaming about a beautiful honey blonde balayage to transform you while on holiday.

You have come to the right place for blonde hair advice.

Glamour Hair Boutique on the sunny North Shore is experienced in all things blonde and offer the latest trends and techniques, like foilyage, colour melts, Ombres, balayages and Shadowroots.

Your hair can be transformed by applying a toner and cooling down the warm tones and transforming your colour into a beautiful iridescent pearl blonde or ash blonde or maybe you’ve lost that summer tan and need your colour warmed up with golden caramels blondes or bronde (blonde/brown) tones that will perk you up better than a cup of coffee.

With lots of lovely ladies starting to embrace the natural roots looks, like balayage, foliage, Ombre, root shadows and colour melts, what we are all wondering is what is the difference between them? Are they different? How do I know which one is for me? We have done our research and have some answers for you!


Ombre is typically a 2 toned colour. Usually darker at the top and lighter at the bottom creating a “shadowy effect”. Although it doesn’t always have to be dark and blonde.  Ombre has been known to be versatile with any colour combination. Even Rose brown into smokey pink.


Balayage is very similar to an Ombre but is more of a “sweeping” effect as opposed to a stark contrast. Balayage is usually applied freehand  being painted on and not in a traditional foil packet. The Balayage effect is applied away from the roots and swept along the hair becoming heavier as it moves down to the ends.


Foilyage is similar to Balayage but it’s done in foils to allow heat to be applied, which helps with processing time and better lifting power of colour.

There are no rules when it comes to colour options. These shades can be accentuated beautifully with complementary colours of yellows, golds, pinks, blues, and silvers.



Root shadow options are starting to take the 2018/19 trend by storm, roots are a natural part of the growing out process, and they are going to happen whether we like it or not and that is the best benefit about this trend.

This trend embraces those dark or light natural roots and makes them a part of the look. With a root shadow you can either allow your natural colour to shine through from the very start of your colour process or you can colour the root area of 4-5 centimetres darker or  you could even go for a variation of this summer’s pastel trend and try a vibrant colour to create a striking contrast.

Colour Melt

Colour Melting is usually 3 or more colour shades blended “melted” into each other after a foil or lightening service as a toner or glossing service.

Keep it fresh!

All five techniques are amazing in their own right and can suit almost everyone but the thing we love the most is that flawless blend of tone or contrast. Because the root colour typically stays darker, and to maintain the lighter ends you only need a Glossing global colour gloss service or toner every 6 weeks, it means that the hair is healthier and shinier than ever.

With these gorgeous blonde looks we see a lot of dehydration if not looked after accurately, but we have the products that can help you!


K18 Hair Treatment is a hair conditioning and styling treatment that utilizes a unique blend of natural oils and plant extracts to nourish, protect and add shine to hair. It also helps to repair weak and damaged hair, as well as providing antifrizz and antistatic properties. The K18 treatment helps to deeply hydrate and nourish hair, while also providing a protective barrier against environmental damage. The unique blend of oils and extracts helps to add strength, shine and manageability to hair.


K18 Treatment

And then there is the miracle treatment OLAPLEX This is a sure fire way to maintain and care for your blonde.

We  have Olaplex  #1#2#3#4#5, You can come into the salon and treat yourself to the magic of a Olaplex double service which is #1 formula (the super concentrated version) layered with  #2 formula, this treatment is in-salon only.

Once you do this, the first step to healthier hair is complete. The next step is easy… INVEST!!! Invest in your hair and get the Olaplex #4 shampoo, #5 conditioner and #3 treatment to continue rebuilding all that Sun, Chemical and Styling tool damage. The Shampoo and Conditioner is sulfate free so fantastic to use after any and all chemical services, the #3 treatment is a once a week intense treatment to keep your hair topped up with goodness in-between salon services.


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