Extension aftercare

Extension Aftercare

Once your extensions are in place and cut to perfection, it is up to you to care for your hair over the next 6 to 8 weeks. And you need to know how to take care of your new hair.

Washing and Conditioning Extensions

When washing your extensions use the Alterna anti-aging replenishing moisture shampoo and conditioner this formula is sulphate free, paraben free, gluten free and is safe on extensions. Gently massage shampoo into the scalp and hair, making sure to not pull too firmly on the extensions, rinse thoroughly and repeat if required, don’t rub or scrub the hair extension as this will cause matting. Condition from the mid length of the hair to the ends and if necessary, use a wet brush to gently detangle the hair before rising.

Drying Extensions

Do not ruff the hair up in the drying process whether you have extensions or not, instead towel dry by squeezing and wrapping your hair in a towel to remove excess moisture. Set your blow-dryer to a medium heat and dry the hair making sure you have used a heat protectant like Alterna Priming Leave-in Conditioner, that detangles and protects hair up to 238°. Always dry the scalp area where the tapes are attached, thoroughly. You may section the hair and use a brush to blow-dry once the attachment tapes are completely dry.

Heat Styling Extensions

Curling irons, GHD stylers and hot brushes maybe used on tape extensions, remember to use a heat protect spray before styling, and make sure that hot styling tools are kept a safe distance from the tape attachments. Do not use product high in silicone as this may loosen tapes.

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