07 Mar 2021

Purestrands Hair Extension Editorial with Verve Magazine

PureStrands premium grade human hair tape extensions are as individual as you are. Tape hair extensions are the best hair extensions available internationally. It doesn’t matter whether your hair is thin, short or just normal. PureStrands hair extensions will give you the length and volume you have always wanted. Click here to see Verve Magazine 

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06 Apr 2020

Why should we use purple shampoos and treatments?

Why should we use purple shampoos and treatments?   Light coloured hair is susceptible to discoloration caused by heat styling, sunshine, product build-up and swimming. That’s why both natural and coloured blondes need a purple shampoo.   The idea behind purple shampoo is based on classic colour theory. When blondes or brunettes are dealing with brassy […]

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31 Mar 2020

Say ‘NO!’ to box dye

Say ‘No!’ to box dye……   Is it really worth it? NO! There are many reasons that this is not a good idea and here are a few.   Firstly, the boxes’ inability to know your hair’s porosity, fragility or natural level of colour and underlying tones is a big issue.  One colour does NOT […]

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31 Mar 2020

Salon closure

We would like to thank all of our wonderful clients for your support and patience over this 4 weeks. We are sad to close and it will undoubtedly be a trying time for all. That being said we are in full support of our country’s choice to lockdown and gain control of covid-19 We are […]

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