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Wella Professional Hair Care range is a luxury colour and styling brand dedicated to creativity.

Wella Professional is built on a trusted foundation of expertise and quality.  Wella stay ahead of the game meeting the needs of our increasingly sophisticated client demands. Wella Professional believe in a passion shared – a passion for hair.

Hair care

Wella Product Ranges at Glamour Hair Boutique

Fusion –

Fusion is the instant and long lasting hair care recovery regimen. Helps to repair damaged hair and protects against breakage. With Silksteel FUSION program, a fusion of silk amino acids and micronized lipids. Instantly recovers hair fiber at micro and macro levels. Even the most damaged hair feels renewed, smooth, elastic and resilient against breakage.* With and elegant and luxurious floriental woody fragrance. 



Up to 8 weeks colour protection. Colourmotion+ elevates colour care beyond anti fading. Regular use of Colourmotion+care regimen improves coloured hair quality in three areas that are specifically important for coloured hair. Colour Protection, Vibrance shine and Stronger Hair with built in wellaPlex bonding agent.


Invigo Brillance –

Colour Brilliance-BlendTM is a powerful combination of new ingredients to maintain colour vibrancy and protect colored hair. Copper encapsulating molecules maintain vibrancy. Histidine and Vitamin E help control oxidation process after coloration and to protect colour


Oil Reflections –

Oil Reflections is our precious oil collection of products for shiny hair. With camellia oil and white tea extract, the Oil Reflections products leave the hair up to 3 times smoother* and create instant luminosity. Our 2 distinct subliming oils, Luminous Smoothening Oil and Luminous Light Oil, create light reflections and a glossy, radiant hair. * shampoo, mask and oil vs. non conditioning shampoo

Wella Illumina Permanent and Semi Permanent Colour Range

Create sheer colour that’s luminous in every kind of light with Illumina Colour permanent hair color products. Get the most natural looking colour results with Illumina Colour or a metallic sheen with Opal Essence and brings a premium colour service to our salon.

shinefinity colour

Shinefinity Zero Lift Zero damage Colour

SHINEFINITY will help you achieve a long-lasting color glaze with ZERO lift and ZERO damage, staying true-to-tone even on porous hair.

Featuring the exclusive Balanced pH technology, SHINEFINITY smoothens the cuticles for healthy-looking shine and a silky hair feel.

Long-lasting colour glaze

Perfect balance of color & shine in a non-drip gel cream color glaze that lasts up to 6 weeks: SHINEFINITY preserves the natural character of the hair for a healthy-looking shine and a silky hair feel

Clean Formula

  • – Zero Ammonia
  • – Zero Silicones
  • – Zero Alcohols
  • – Zero Direct-dyes

Balanced pH Technology

Balanced pH technology regulates the color pH level to a controlled range throughout the coloring process, while protecting the integrity of the hair, which means ZERO lift and ZERO damage.

Eimi Styling

Eimi Styling

Our products use advanced technology and natural ingredients to provide nourishment and protection while styling. Our selection of hair styling products is designed to help you show off your creativity and craft looks that are unique to each client. We have products that can give volume and shine, smooth out, change texture, or simply hold a style. Our offerings take advantage of the latest technology and natural ingredients to nourish and protect hair as you style it.


Sebastian Styling


Not everyone sees the same thing in the mirror. Others might see a reflection. You see directions. Others might see a mess. You see a canvas. Others might see what is. You see what could be. Others might see a job. You see a vocation.
A passion. Somewhere between art and craftsmanship. Between vision and realization.

They hear the clicking of scissors, the sound of brushes, the clanging of bottles and cans on shelves.
You hear the sound of the creative cogs inside your brains. Thinking. Imagining. Creating.
Then figuring out how to make it happen. Because artistic vision is nothing without the craft,
the skill, the right tools in the right pair of hands.

At Sebastian, we know our stylists are artists.
Creative, curious, passionate craftsmen and women who
put their skills and dedication into the service of making life more exciting, surprising, and mind-blowingly beautiful for everyone who entrusts their hair, style, and expression to them.
Where your vision and skills will be recognized, celebrated,
and constantly elevated. We know hairdressing isn’t about conforming. It’s about inventing. And reinventing.
For the beauty of self-expression – for stylists and their clients.

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