06 Apr 2020

Why should we use purple shampoos and treatments?

Why should we use purple shampoos and treatments?


Light coloured hair is susceptible to discoloration caused by heat styling, sunshine, product build-up and swimming. That’s why both natural and coloured blondes need a purple shampoo.


The idea behind purple shampoo is based on classic colour theory. When blondes or brunettes are dealing with brassy coloured hair they want to minimize the amount of  yellow, gold or orange.


Purple shampoo contains purple pigments to neutralise yellowy undertones. It’s essentially an at-home toner that helps you to conquer those brassy notes and it’s essential for keeping blonde hair radiant.


Bleached-out platinum hair will see noticeable results, while the subtly highlighted hair will possibly only see minimal results. And incredibly thick, coarse resistant or very orange hair perhaps won’t see as much of a difference.


If you are concerned about toning shampoo drying out your hair my recommendation is to do your weekly deep conditioning treatment to smooth and nourish the hair, after using your toning shampoo. Or use the BLONDEME tone enhancing bonding treatment.


Which one is right for you?

  • Schwarzkopf BC Colour Freeze Silver shampoo with the pH level of 4.5, Will neutralize underlying warm tones. This toning shampoo has a strong purple toning pigment to optimize, preserve and revive cool tones. Process for 5 minutes, 1 to 2 times a week for brassy blonde maintenance.
  • BLONDME sulfate-free Cool Blonde shampoo maintains and gently neutralises yellow tones for clients who need daily light tone enhancing, this shampoo has a milder cool cendré tone which gently neutralizes yellow tones in the hair without changing the hair colour and leaves the hair feeling soft and silky.
  • BLONDME Tone Enhancing Cool Blondes Treatment Mask. This purple mask neutralises warm tones while creating new bonds to repair the internal structure of fragile, lightened hair.
  • BLONDME Tone Enhancing Spray Conditioner is a Pigmented leave-in spray conditioner with cool cendré tone, this lightweight daily care conditioner detangles & provides moisture, leaving hair soft & shiny, while the Cool, anti-yellow pigments enhance & neutralize.


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