31 Mar 2020

Say ‘NO!’ to box dye

Say ‘No!’ to box dye……


Is it really worth it? NO!

There are many reasons that this is not a good idea and here are a few.


Firstly, the boxes’ inability to know your hair’s porosity, fragility or natural level of colour and underlying tones is a big issue.  One colour does NOT fit all… If you have ever seen the colour area in our hair salon you will notice hundreds of tubes of colour, ‘this is where the magic is made’! We customize formulas for different levels, varying coverage and tone to create the perfect colour to suit you, your hair type and hair texture.

Second up, the box dye also doesn’t know what strength developer you need for the result you desire and this is a recipe for disaster and then a big colour correction job at the salon on your next visit.

Third; if you apply the wrong colour you can turn your hair green or many other undesired shades, or you could use the ‘at home bleach’ in the box and have no hair left at all!!! Now there’s a scary thought and we’ve all see those YouTube videos?



Finally, it might feel nice for that week because of that wonderful little sachet of magic that hides the dry damaged hair underneath but when that silicon wears off your hair will undoubtedly feel like a bale of dried-up straw.


Most importantly, please do not put extra and unnecessary pressure on New Zealand’s heath care providers and essential workers at this time. The poor-quality product used in box dyes creates a greater risk of chemical reaction.


So, let’s just embrace the grey and leave the colour to the trained professionals!


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